OAG Audits


Compliance Audit on Procurement Sourcing


Inspection of RMI Consulate-General Office in Arkansas, USA


Performance Audit of Ministry of Internal Affairs


Ebon Atoll Municipal Government


Wotje Atoll Local Government


Inspection Report of Pacific Wellness Center, Inc


Inspection Report of RMI Mission to the United Nations


Inspection Report of RMI Embassy in Suva, Fiji


Inspection Report of RMI Embassy in Washington D.C.


Inspection Report of RMI Consulate General Office in Honolulu, Hawaii


Financial Audit of the 44TH Pacific Islands Forum Fund


Environmental Protection Authority

Inspection Report on RMI Embassy in Tokyo, Japan


Evaluation Report on Tax Auditing Program


Land Registration Authority

Majuro Atoll Waste Company (Performance Audit)

Marshall Islands Scholarship Grant & Loan Board

Marshall Islands Visitor Authority

Mili Atoll Local Government

Namdrik Atoll Local Government

Performance Audit on RMI Public Debt

Review of RMI Embassy in Taiwan (ROC)